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Portable Power Station 1000W(AP1001)
Portable Power Station 1000W(AP1001)

AP1001 Small Portable Power Station Features:

1000W rated power, 1038Wh
with build-in LED lighting
2 ports of type-C output
2 ports of USB output
2 ports of AC output
385x192x192mm, 12.7kg

The AP 1001 is a 1000w portable power station developed by myACT. Featuring built-in LED lighting, 2 ports of type-C output, 2 ports of USB output, 2 ports of AC output, and an ultra-lightweight of only 12.7kg, this portable solar power station has high practicability, versatility, and portability, making it a perfect solution for all types of outdoor energy storage and energy supply.

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