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Shenzhen ACT Industrial Co.,Ltd. was established in 1999. It has 24 years of experience in the power manufacturing industry and focuses on OEM/ODM product services.
Yes, and we fully launch it to the market this year.
Our team base in China, but the myACT brand has registered trademarks in the United States, Europe, England, Australia, Taiwan and India, and we will build our overseas teams in the future.
The company has over 40 SMT production lines, and the whole production process is completed by its own team, which can fully control product quality from raw material to shipment.
Material supply, Warehouse, DIP, PCBA test, Assembly, Function test, Burn in, Function test, Package.
Yes, we have 1 year warranty for products.
Our products within 2000W also support fast charging.
Advantage 1: Our BMS protection board is composed of AFE and MCU. It adopts hierarchical protection settings and has a highly reliable protection effect on the battery.
Advantage 2: Our product obtained ETL, CE, PSE, FCC, ROSH certifications.
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