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MES System
MES System
Traceability, tracking and control capabilities
■ Go back in time ■ track now ■ Control the future
Quality Assurance System
Core Functions
System brief
ACT MES (Manufacturing Execution System) manufacturing execution system is independently researched and developed by our company with a large amount of capital invested and developers going deep into the production process.
The system mainly realizes the collection, management and control of manufacturing process information. Through the data connection with ERP system and intelligent equipment, the ERP paper document flow management of the production site in the past is upgraded to information management, making the production process real-time and transparent. , improve the overall management efficiency.
It is the integration of the comprehensive management of the production site, replacing the original relatively independent software systems such as equipment management, quality management, production scheduling, data collection, and efficiency management with integrated ideas, and plays a linking role in the company’s information structure.
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