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What can myACT Power Stations do

Gain Full Control of Renewable Energy by using myACT Power Station. myACT Power Station provides users with a portable energy storage solution that helps them maximize the benefits and versatility of solar power.


Emergency Backup
Outdoor Working
More than 10 years for 2G/3G/LTE products
More than 15 years for developing power supply
More than 10 years co-operating with Huawei
3 factories with a total area of 603,000 sq.ft
Committed to the world’s leading smart manufacturers, enhance the value of MADE IN CHINA

myACT has committed itself to become the world’s leading portable energy storage power station manufacturer and clean energy solutions provider. We want to enhance the value of Made IN China by providing innovative clean energy solutions.

By Adapting the latest manufacturing and quality assurance procedures, myACT is here to provide long-term and stable quality clean energy solutions to the world.

Portable Power Storage Solutions

With the increasing applications for convenient power consumption, the need for portable energy storage has also increased simultaneously. To response to this need, myACT is fully committed to providing premium portable energy solutions by launching our portable power station around the globe in 2023.

ODM LED Driver Solution

Recently, the need for electric vehicles has skyrocketed, and because of this, the need for EV chargers has significantly increased as well. Right Now, myACT can deliver 21,000 sets of clean energy solutions for EV charging per month, and the total production and shipment volume has reached more than 200,00 sets since the project was launched.

OEM Power Module for EV Charger Solution

With a production capacity of 21,000 sets per month, the total production and shipment volume has reached more than 200,000 sets since the project was launched in 2021.

Latest Info about our company and the latest info about clean energy solutions.

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