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Delivery & Logistics System
Delivery&Logistics System
The company’s delivery & logistics system is based on the purpose of quickly meeting customer delivery needs and reducing the processing cycle. It uses information technology, adopts the CMES supplier delivery collaboration system, and uses information collaborative processing, data synchronization and sharing, raw material demand data simulation, and accurate traceability of product materials.
CMES supplier delivery collaboration system
Production schedule visualization and other key application support, cooperate with the MES manufacturing control platform to use the concept of first-line flow and post-pull production scheduling, to meet the customer’s delivery output in a timely and flexible manner. Location & multiple batches of timely supply, the delivery time from the customer’s order to completion can be controlled within 4-8H, reducing the customer’s product inventory pressure, shortening the logistics cycle, and meeting the customer’s timely and flexible delivery needs at low cost.
Main Function Module
Program Delivery Module
Always implement lean thinking, focus on the implementation of one-flow and pull-type production scheduling, control the picking time according to the customer’s delivery date, and produce according to the rhythm between processes, reduce the accumulation of warehouses and production workshops, reduce the waste of handling and logistics, and use information collection to monitor To control the progress of each order from the customer’s material delivery to the completion of product delivery, and at the same time formulate a unique mixed-flow production mode for small-batch and multi-variety order requirements, use multiple products to produce at the same time on the same line, reducing the frequency of line changes and time, and quickly responded to customer delivery needs.
Logistics Module
The company’s warehousing business can quickly respond to customer demand for material delivery and finished product supply during peak periods. The logistics system focuses on ensuring timely supply of production materials and inventory level control, ensuring first-in-first-out materials, and ensuring property and quality safety during material/finished product storage. The company’s logistics business covers: co-management material inventory management, VMI material management (Vendor Managed Inventory), JIT stock product direct delivery (Just In Time referred to as JIT), also known as zero inventory production method inventory (zero inventories), for customers’ raw materials and finished product inventory Provide effective solutions to ensure flexible supply during peak delivery periods.
Main Idea
Taking just-in-time production as the starting point, first expose overproduction and other wastes, and then eliminate and adjust equipment and personnel to achieve the purpose of reducing costs, simplifying planning and improving control. In terms of production site control technology, the basic principle of just-in-time system is to produce the correct number of parts or products at the correct time, and produce in real time. Lean improvement is endless, constantly evolving, evolving, evolving.
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