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EMS Service

As a leading EMS electronic and green energy supplier, myACT has provided exceptional customized energy solutions for different industries. Learn more about our comprehensive EMS service here.

Industry Service Area
Enhance the value of MADE IN CHINA

myACT has accumulated rich experience and technology in the field of ICT (Information and communication technology) for many years, providing professional ODM/OEM/EMS electronic services for some of the leading enterprises in the world, such as Huawei, Inovance, INVT, and Lanhai Huateng. Our EMS electronics services have covered various industries, including network communication products, switches, servers, routers, storage devices, etc.

Digital Energy
Faced with the challenges of big data and large energy consumption, the company provides energy and infrastructure intelligent manufacturing solutions that fully meet the application scenarios of the ICT industry in the fields of communication power supply, data center energy, and smart photovoltaics. Excellent companies such as Sai Intelligent provide professional ODM, OEM, and EMS services for digital energy products. The product types include various communication site energy sources, module power supplies, server power supplies, data center power supplies, and various customized power supplies.
New Energy

The world is facing the challenge of an energy shortage and the increasing need for clean energy. As a premium green energy supplier, myACT’s services range from providing professional ODM/OEM/EMS electronic services such as inverters and hybrid power supplies to smart photovoltaic power plants. With years of technology accumulation and process research, myACT provides flexible, affordable, and high-quality customized energy solutions for you.

Automated Industry

myACT provides both comprehensive and professional ODM/OEM/EMS electronic services for various control boards and drive boards. We also provide complete machine products in the fields of inverters, control technology, motion control, industrial robots, rail transit, and motor control.

Vehicle Electronics

The company provides professional ODM/OEM/EMS services for various new energy vehicles and automotive electronics, and has passed the IATF16949:2016 quality management system certification for automotive production parts.

Internet Of Things

The company provides integrated solutions and services for the full-process production technology of various intelligent sensing, control, lighting, security and other products, helping IoT customers to jointly welcome the advent of the era of fully connected and intelligent everything.

Enterprise Network

The company provides video surveillance, high-definition network cameras, enterprise cloud communications, and intelligent manufacturing services for personal terminals to help build a safe and smart city. It has provided professional ODM/OEM/EMS services for Huawei’s enterprise network product line for many years.
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