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ESD System
ESD System
The company has been meeting the requirements of first-class quality standards, and in terms of hardware construction, it is in line with international standards. As a first-class electronic professional manufacturing service (EMS) enterprise in China, we are well aware of the importance of electrostatic discharge protection (ESD), and strictly follow the latest standards of ANSI/ESD S20.20 system.
esd system
Main Idea
The company strictly controls electrostatic discharge protection (ESD) in terms of personnel, equipment, materials, methods, measurements, and the environment, including personnel grounding, equipment grounding, workshop floor grounding, fixture grounding, and comprehensive electrostatic protection of workshop items. Equipped with automatic temperature and humidity testing, automatic early warning of workshop temperature and humidity, workshops equipped with humidifiers and dehumidifiers, workshop entrances equipped with ESD automatic testers, production lines equipped with personnel grounding electrostatic monitors and other effective control measures.
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