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High Power Consumption Solution 2500W(AP2502)
High Power Consumption Solution 2500W(AP2502)

AP2502 Outdoor Power Station Features:

2000W rated power, 1872Wh/ 2500W rated power, 2496Wh
Fast charging function
2 ports of type-C output
4 ports of USB output
4 ports of AC output
515*292*322mm, 25.5kg/25.5kg

Introducing the efficient, high-power consumption solution: the AP2502 outdoor power stations. Operating under 2500W rated power and installing our innovative technologies like fast charging, this off-grid power station has enhanced its efficiency to the fullest. The AP2502 outdoor power station also increased its versatility compared to other models by adding two more ports for both USB and AC output, which allows it to power more devices when needed.

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