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myACT Achieves Success at Canton Fair with Solar Energy Products

The Canton Fair Autumn 2023, known as the China Import and Export Fair, is a highly significant event in the global trade industry. It acts as a global platform, enabling businesses to connect and pursue opportunities in China. The well-known event takes place in three phases in Guangzhou, China. The first phase ended on October 19th recently. The last phase will end on November 4th, concluding the exhibition.


Attracting thousands of exhibitors and buyers, the event facilitates international trade and promotes global economic cooperation. This year, myACT, a leading manufacturer of solar energy products, attended the exhibition to achieve success in market expansion, relationship building, and product promotion that included offerings like a portable power station, portable solar panel, off-grid inverter, BMS protection board, and inverter board.

solar energy products

myACT – Brand Overview

At myACT, we are committed to the ODM/OEM manufacturing and service of solar energy products. We are currently three companies under the ACT focused on R&D, sales, and manufacturing of products like switching power supplies, portable power stations, and more.


Founded in 1999, we started as Shenzhen ACT Industrial Co., Ltd with a focus on research, sales, and manufacturing of switching power supplies and portable power stations. In 2004, Shenzhen ACT Electronic Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established for new energy product manufacturing and OEM services. Additionally, Suzhou ACT Technology Co., Ltd was set up in 2017 to serve East China markets. With over two decades of experience, we have provided integrated solutions and premium services as one of the leading portable power station manufacturers and a reputed supplier of solar energy products in general.


At myACT, we have strong production capabilities with over 40 SMT self-chemical production lines, 20 DIP production lines, 10 assembly lines, 20 coating lines, and more. We have passed stringent international certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, and IATF16949, demonstrating our high-quality standards. We also prioritize solar energy product innovation through dedicated R&D investments. We pride ourselves on our skilled workforce and innovation through a culture of continuous improvement involving smart technologies and lean processes.


Achievements at the Canton Fair Autumn 2023

Our participation at the Canton Fair Autumn 2023 exhibition was a success. We achieved noteworthy results in market expansion, relationship building, and product promotion.


Market Expansion

At the event, we were able to significantly expand our market reach in the European region by connecting with several buyers from countries like Germany, UK, France, and Italy.


Relationship Building

Our booth at Canton Fair Autumn 2023 saw active engagement, and we were able to build solid partnerships with over 20 companies interested in OEM or ODM cooperation.


Product Promotion

We showcased our diverse range of popular solar energy products in categories like the portable power station, portable solar panel, 1kW/2.5kW off-grid inverter, BMS protection board, and inverter circuit board. This helped us generate more awareness and sales leads for these products globally.


Products Highlight: myACT AP702 and AP301 Series

Our seasoned brand, myACT, is renowned for its portfolio of reliable portable power stations suitable for outdoor and mobile power needs. A highlight from our range includes the versatile AP702 Series and AP301 Series. Both product lines showcase our expertise in developing reliable, feature-rich portable power stations and solar energy products in general. Their high performance and user-centric innovations have made them favored solutions for outdoor energy requirements.


The AP702 Mid To Small Power Station offers power ratings from 700W up to 1000W along with battery capacities of 665Wh and 998Wh respectively. Key features include:

    1. Bilateral inverter technology for fast charging
    2. LED display for accurate data monitoring
    3. Multiple battery safety protections
    4. Compact and lightweight design

solar-powered charging station

The AP301 Portable Electric Power Station, on the other hand, is specialized for portable energy storage needs. It delivers 300W power via a 300Wh battery. Its key characteristics include:

    1. Compatibility with various power sources
    2. LED lighting functionality
    3. Type-C, USB, and AC output ports
    4. Ultra-portable at only 4.8kg

solar-powered charging station

Though unable to attend the fair, people can now gain comprehensive insights into our wide range of solar energy products showcased, including these two highly popular portable power station series.


Overall, myACT achieved notable success at the Canton Fair Autumn 2023. As a seasoned solar energy products brand, we are well-positioned to explore further growth opportunities abroad. Visit our website to learn more about our innovations and our efforts towards making clean energy accessible worldwide.

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