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ACT-The Third Branch Factory Opened
Warmly celebrate the opening of the third branch of Shenzhen ACT Electronic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. | Just in time for new energy, seize the day and new journey!
On August 18, 2022, the third branch of ACT Electronic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. officially opened. The company held a grand opening ceremony and invited representatives from the Yantian District Government, customers, investors, partners, and the company’s project management team to attend the opening ceremony.
Unveiling Ceremony of ACT Digital Energy Third Branch Factory
In order to quickly meet the needs of market development, the company overcame many difficulties, and it took only 45 days from the planning to the commissioning of the third branch factory, which once again refreshed the new speed of building a new factory of Accord. The total area of the first phase of the factory is X million square meters, with a total investment of XXXX million yuan. After the first phase of production, the production capacity will be increased by more than 60%, and direct delivery can be realized. The commissioning of the third branch factory not only meets the needs of market development, but also reserves space for future development.
ACT closely focuses on digital energy and the “dual carbon” strategy, focuses on the big track of smart photovoltaics, actively invests, continuously innovates, and makes all-round improvements in lean, automation, and IT, and strives to build Become a benchmark enterprise in the industry and contribute to the development of green energy.
Sign in at the opening ceremony of the third branch
New Journey ●Wish
The rapid commissioning of the new factory is inseparable from the full support and cooperation of everyone. The support of the government and partners has given us more confidence and strength. While accelerating the expansion of production capacity, the company will always adhere to the core values of “customer-centered, striver-oriented, and long-term hard work”, forge ahead with determination and continue to pay. Work hard around “safety, quality, delivery and cost” in an all-round way, and become a trustworthy, respected and excellent enterprise with a sense of social responsibility!
Speech by Chairman Liu Gang
At the ceremony, Chairman Liu Gang said that it is necessary to practice internal skills in a down-to-earth manner and meet challenges with enthusiasm. The opening of the new factory is only the first step in the company’s journey. In the face of various uncertainties in the future, there will be many difficulties and challenges. We want to cooperate sincerely with customers and partners to jointly create a good ecological chain, create value together, and achieve a win-win situation. All colleagues must solidly practice internal strength, make good use of the “three forces” (physical strength, intellectual strength, and mental strength), and be passionate and unstoppable at all times. At any time, we must have the “Three Dare Spirits” of daring to break through, daring to take responsibility, and daring to win, so as to finally realize “more grain and better grain production”. Work hard to improve our internal skills, serve customers well, and create value for the society. We will definitely be able to “walk on the big road” and make great strides forward. We will win more battles and win more big battles! Thousands of blows are still strong, let the wind from east to west, north and south.
Zhou Jianjun, deputy head of Yantian District, delivered a speech
On behalf of the Yantian District Party Committee and District Government, Zhou Jianjun, deputy head of Yantian District, extended his warmest congratulations to the opening of the third branch of ACT. The ceremony pointed out that in recent years, Yantian has entered a “golden period” of development under the guidance of the “innovation-driven” strategy of “industrial development of salt”. For key industries, relevant support measures are also advancing with the times and constantly adjusted. From the support of “key industries” to “the construction of a modern industrial service system”, Yantian, on the basis of maintaining the continuity and stability of policies, learned from the innovative measures of various places, and integrated and improved the original enterprise-friendly policies. The advanced path of enterprise development is clear and firm. The rapid development of ACT’s enterprises also represents that intelligent manufacturing technology innovation enterprises can have a fertile soil in Yantian. In the future, Yantian’s economic development will be full of momentum, with gratifying results and a promising future. I sincerely wish ACT’s continuous innovation and improvement and continued development , become the benchmark.
The project team of the third branch plant took an oath

A new journey, a new starting point, the clarion call has been sounded, we will practice: customer-centric, create value for customers. Focus on the essence of business to achieve more and better food production! the
Return to the source and come up with unique skills. We will lead by example and continue to make efforts no less than anyone else to ensure that various indicators such as quality, delivery, and cost are achieved, and exceed customer expectations. the
All for the front line, all for victory! the
Dare to break through, dare to take responsibility, dare to win! the
victory! victory! victory!

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