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Unlocking the Power of myACT AP1002: A Comprehensive Small Power Station Solution

myACT, a trailblazer in the realm of portable power solutions, proudly presents the AP1002, a groundbreaking small power station that transcends expectations.    Weighing in at just 12kg with compact dimensions of 380 x 214 x 264 mm, the AP1002 is a powerhouse in a compact package. Boasting a robust lithium iron phosphate battery with 998Wh capacity, this marvel ensures reliability with an impressive 4000 cycles lifespan. The 220V 50Hz/60Hz adaptive voltage format makes it versatile for various applications, while the 1000W rated power sets it apart in the market.


Unveiling AP1002 Output Ports and Charging Capabilities

The AP1002 isn’t just about power; it’s about versatility. Equipped with a range of output ports, including 18W USB ports, 100W Type-C ports, a 10A cigarette lighter output, and more, it caters to all your charging needs. The dual 1000W AC output ports make it a standout performer, supporting a total power output of 1000W with each port capable of handling 1000W individually. Whether you’re on a camping trip, outdoor adventure, or facing a power outage, the AP1002 is your reliable companion.


Charging the AP1002 is a breeze. With AC mains charging reaching a maximum of 800W, solar charging (18V-20V, max 400W), and an 8A car charging option, you have flexibility in replenishing its energy reserves.

AP1002 vs. Anker 555: A Comparative Analysis

Now, let’s dive into a head-to-head comparison between myACT’s AP1002 and Anker’s 555. Both these small power stations aim to provide portable power solutions, but the differences lie in the details.

Weight and Size:

myACT’s AP1002 weighs a competitive 12kg and measures 380 x 214 x 264 mm.    In contrast, Anker’s 555 is slightly heavier at 13.1kg and has dimensions of 350 x 295 x 188 mm. The AP1002’s lighter and more compact design gives it an edge in terms of portability.


Output and Ports:

While both models offer 1000W rated power, the AP1002 stands out with its diverse output ports, including high-wattage Type-C ports and a 10A cigarette lighter output.    Anker’s 555 lacks these features, making the AP1002 a more versatile choice for various charging needs.


In conclusion, myACT’s AP1002 emerges as a leader in the small power station arena, offering a winning combination of portability, power, and versatility. Experience the future of portable power with myACT’s AP1002.

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