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Unlocking Power Independence: myACT AP2002 Small Power Station Revolution

In the rapidly evolving landscape of portable power solutions, myACT takes center stage with its groundbreaking AP2002 Small Power Station. Designed to redefine your power experience, the AP2002 stands out as a pinnacle of innovation, offering unmatched capabilities for users seeking a reliable and versatile power source.  In this article, we delve into the key features of the AP2002, comparing it with Anker’s 757 to showcase why myACT’s offering is the epitome of small power station excellence.

Power Packed and Portable: myACT AP2002 Overview

At the heart of myACT’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology is the AP2002 Small Power Station. Weighing in at 22.5kg and boasting dimensions of 518 x 293 x 323 mm, the AP2002 strikes the perfect balance between power and portability.  Equipped with a robust lithium iron phosphate battery with a colossal 1872Wh capacity and an impressive 4000 cycles lifespan, the AP2002 ensures long-lasting and reliable power for a myriad of applications.


myACT understands the importance of versatility in today’s fast-paced world, reflected in the AP2002’s diverse output ports. With 4 USB outputs delivering 18W each, 2 TYPE-C ports providing 100W each, a 10A cigarette lighter output, 2 DC5521 outputs at 3A each, and 4 powerful 2000W AC outputs, the AP2002 is a true powerhouse. Whether you’re charging smartphones, laptops, or running essential appliances, myACT’s AP2002 has you covered.

Load Handling Mastery: AP2002‘s Superior Capabilities

When it comes to load handling, the AP2002 outshines the competition. With a rated load capacity of 2000W and a peak load reaching an impressive 3366W (168%), the AP2002 supports enhanced overload, providing a robust solution for powering high-demand appliances and tools. myACT’s dedication to performance and reliability is evident in the AP2002, offering users the confidence to tackle a wide range of power-hungry devices.

Conclusion: myACT AP2002 – Empowering Your Journey

In the small power station arena, myACT’s AP2002 stands tall as a symbol of innovation and reliability. With a powerful battery, versatile output ports, efficient charging options, and robust load-handling capabilities, the AP2002 is a testament to myACT’s dedication to providing users with the ultimate power solution. When compared to Anker’s 757, the AP2002 emerges as the superior choice, offering a comprehensive and adaptable power station for users across various needs and lifestyles. Experience the future of portable power with myACT’s AP2002 – where innovation meets empowerment.

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