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Small Power Station Showdown: AP2502 vs. BLUTTI’s AC200MAX

Welcome to myACT, the leading provider of innovative and reliable small power stations. In this article, we will compare our flagship product, the AP2502, with BLUTTI’s AC200MAX. Both power stations offer remarkable features, but let’s dive deeper into the details to see how the AP2502 outshines its competitor.


The AP2502, a true powerhouse:

When it comes to power and performance, the AP2502 stands tall. With an impressive rated power output of 2500W, it effortlessly handles a wide range of devices and appliances. The AP2502’s robust lithium iron phosphate battery offers a whopping 2496Wh capacity, ensuring long-lasting power for your needs. Its exceptional 4000-cycle lifespan surpasses that of the AC200MAX, providing outstanding durability and reliability.(这一段删掉)

AC200MAX: Falling short on power:

While BLUTTI’s AC200MAX is a decent power station, it falls short in terms of power and performance. With a lower rated power output of 2200W and a slightly smaller battery capacity of 2048Wh, it may struggle to meet the demands of high-powered devices or appliances. Additionally, its 2500-cycle lifespan is not as impressive as the AP2502’s.


AP2502: Unmatched versatility:

The AP2502 is designed with versatility in mind. It features multiple output ports to accommodate various devices, including USB ports for charging smartphones and tablets, a TYPE-C port for laptops, a cigarette lighter output for automotive accessories, and DC5521 outputs for versatile connectivity. The inclusion of an Anderson interface further expands its compatibility options, allowing you to connect a wider range of devices effortlessly.

AC200MAX: Limited connectivity options:

In comparison, the AC200MAX falls short in terms of connectivity options. It lacks an Anderson interface, limiting its compatibility with certain devices.    Additionally, while AC200MAX does offer USB and TYPE-C ports, the AP2502 provides more USB ports and higher power outputs, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously and at faster speeds.


While both the AP2502 and BLUTTI’s AC200MAX are small power stations with their own strengths, the AP2502 outshines its competitor in terms of power and performance, versatility and connectivity, as well as enhanced features and functionality. With its higher power output, larger battery capacity, superior connectivity options, and additional features like enhanced overload capabilities and wireless charging, the AP2502 offers a comprehensive solution for all your power needs and deeply reflects our strong OEM/ODM capabilities. Trust myACT and experience the difference with the AP2502, the ultimate small power station for your portable power requirements.

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